Stirrett Johnsen
Mechanical Contractors
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Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana

Our work at the Darigold plant in Portland, Oregon spans hundreds of jobs over a 20 year time period, servicing all types of needs including:

  • Installation of a new 1200 hp boiler, DA tank, and accessories.  
  • Installation of a new process cooling tower, cooling water, steam, condensate, and water for the HHST process.
  • Segregation of sanitary waste and rainwater from process waste system including providing a new connection to the combination sewer in the street, all completed while the plant was running.

Locations: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana

Project Teams

  • SJI Project Manager: Boiler Team: Rich Arper, PE
  • SJI Project Manager: Sewer Team: David Atkinson, PE
  • SJI Project Foreman: Cory Ninemire
  • SJI Project Foreman: Richard Carpenter
  • SJI Project Foreman: Mark Niebuhr